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Bridge the language gap with LingoBabel

Pocketalk Plus

Features available on all Pocketalk products.

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Real-time translation between 82 different and works in over 133 countries.


Modern, Sleek Design. Perfect for a handled device.

Translation Camera

Text-to-translate camera translates text, the written word, and signs.

Global Data Plan

Pocketalk comes with a two year data global plan.

Pocketalk is a portable voice translation device designed to help users communicate in different languages. It uses AI technology to translate speech in real-time and can translate between 82 different and works in over 133 countries comes with a the two year data global plan.

The device is compact and can be carried in a pocket or bag, making it a convenient tool for travelers and people who need to communicate across language barriers.

Pocketalk Plus

Form deeper connections without language as a barrier. With this latest design, Pocketalk provides the most accurate translations for conversations and visuals.

329.99 CHF

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Pocketalk S

Converse in 82 different languages. Sleek design with large touchscreen that provides a text translation for additional clarity.

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Pocketalk Classic

Start a world of conversation. This robust, portable instant voice translator device comes with global unlimited cellular data for 2 years with no monthly fees

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Reseller Programme

Lingobabel is a language translation company that offers translation devices in real time. We offer a reseller program for individuals or companies

To become a reseller of Lingobabel, you can follow the link below.

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Why use Pocketalk instead of an App?

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