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About LingoBabel

“LingoBabel is a brand that aims to break down language barriers and promote clear communication, drawing inspiration from the story of the tower of Babel. The name references the idea that people once spoke a single language but became scattered due to linguistic confusion.”

LingoBabel brings seamless communication to Switzerland with Pocketalk

LingoBabel is thrilled to be the exclusive distributor of Pocketalk in Switzerland, connecting you to over 1.2 million users worldwide. Pocketalk offers real-time translation in 82 languages, making communication easy and enjoyable for travelers, professionals, and anyone facing language barriers.

With its compact design, quality audio, and advanced technology, Pocketalk makes seamless communication a reality. Plus, with its 2-year Global data plan in 133 countries, there’s no need for WiFi or costly data charges. Choose Lingobabel and Pocketalk for breaking down language barriers and seamless communication worldwide.

pocketalk 3 translator product line

Contacting Lingobabel to schedule a live demonstration can allow you to evaluate the capabilities of the device and determine if it is a useful tool for your needs.

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