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Why use Pocketalk instead of an App?

Pocketalk is a device that provides a solution for travelers, especially those involved in international trade, who need to communicate in different languages in realtime while abroad.

  • In some countries, language translation apps may not be accessible due to network or government restrictions.
  • In such situations, Pocketalk becomes a more reliable option as it eliminates these access issues.
  • Additionally, with the 2-year global data plan, Pocketalk users can access translation services in 133 countries without incurring high data charges from mobile operators, making it a cost-effective solution for frequent travelers and busisness travellers

Learning about Pocketalk


  • An error message shows saying “No Internet Connection”
    First, try rebooting your device to see if the issue is resolved. 1.Press and hold the Power Button on the top-right side of the device. 2. Tap the “Restart” option displayed on the screen Then, after rebooting, please check to see if Mobile Data connectivity is available. 1.Tap on the …
  • How Does Pocketalk Work?
    Pocketalk needs connection to the internet. Pocketalk accesses online translation engines to provide the most accurate translations possible. These engines continue to get more accurate all the time. You have various options to connect: Carrier Coverage: Connecting to carrier provider’s networ…
  • How do I confirm the time remaining on my embedded Global SIM?
    You can check your remaining data plan with the following steps: Tap on the “■” button at the upper-left corner of the Home Screen Tap on the “Settings” Scroll down and tap on the “Communication Plan” menu displayed. Confirm the expiration date displayed. *Please note that the option for extendi…
  • How do I connect to Wi-Fi networks?
    You can connect to Wi-Fi networks with the following steps: Tap ■ on the top left of the home screen Tap Settings Tap “Wi-Fi” at the top center of the screen Tap the slide switch to turn it on Turn ON to display all the nearby Wi-Fi access points Select a Wi-Fi network that you want to connect t…
  • How long does shipping take?
    The shipping time depends on which shipping method you choose at checkout. We currently offer 3 shipping dates, the rates vary according to your area: UPS® Ground: 3-5 business days (free) UPS 2nd Day Air®: 2 business days (additional cost) UPS Next Day Air®: 1 business day (additional cost) No…
  • Is it possible to disable the translation history?
    There are two ways to have the translation history deleted – manually and automatically. Please refer to the below: ■ Deleting the translation history manually 1.Tap on the ■ at the top left corner of the Home Screen. 2. Tap on the “Settings”. 3. Scroll down and tap on the “Reset” menu. 4. Tap o…
  • Online User Manual in Different Languages
    Pocketalk offers an online user manual in several different languages. This applies to the new Pocketalk only: 日本語 (Japanese) -取り扱い説明書English -User manual中文(繁體字) Chinese (Traditional) -使用說明書中文(简体字) Chinese (Simplified)-使用说明书한국말 (Korean) -취급 설명서Español (Spanish) -Manual del usuarioFrançais (Fren…
  • What Are The Ways People Use Pocketalk?
    Because it translates long sentences, Pocketalk is great for travelling and business—it’s the easy way to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. We also hear of people using Pocketalk for language learning.
  • What Do You Mean By Pocketalk Being A Smart Device?
    Pocketalk accesses various online translation engines to provide the most accurate translations. These engines continue to have Artificial Intelligence run in the background to further improve accuracy of speech recognition and translations. Using Pocketalk next time could provide an even more ac…
  • What Is Pocketalk?
    PocketalkTM is the portable, AI-powered instant voice translation device that breaks down language barriers and bridges the gap between different spoken languages. It is one single device supporting 82 languages and more coming.
  • What is the difference between the Pocketalk and Pocketalk Classic?
    Our new Pocketalk which was announced at CES2020 is 25% lighter and 33% thinner than the previous model, Pocketalk Classic, and was crafted to be the size of a business card for easier travel portability. While the overall size of the device has decreased, the screen size was increased by 16%! A…
  • What system languages does Pocketalk support?
    The system languages (as of April 2020) we support are: Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) English French German Italian Japanese Korean Malay Portuguese  Russian Spanish Thai
  • Which model should I purchase?
    If you are unsure of what the differences are between the models, we suggest that you first check our “Compare Models” page here: All devices use the same transcription / translation engines to ensure the best and most accurate translations, regardless of the m…
  • Why Was Pocketalk Created And Who Developed It?
    I’m Nori Matsuda, CEO of Sourcenext®, the makers of Pocketalk™. We created Pocketalk to make it easy to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. I believe that the simple act of conversation can bring people closer together, and open a world of possibilities for society a…
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