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Pocketalk Range

Pocketalk supports translation of messages between 100  Pocketalks  making it convenient for users to communicate with each other regardless of their language background.

If you work in an educational institution, in the health sector, in the public sector or are involved in international trade, then Pocketalk can be a valuable tool to improve communication and understanding in your environment.

Its ability to translate 82 languages orally and in writing in real time can help break down language barriers, facilitate learning for non-native speakers, improve communication with patients or strengthen international business communications.

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Pocketalk is . It has the ability to scan documents and translate the text into the desired language. This feature makes it useful for individuals or businesses when accessing signs ir written text

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Pocketalk Plus Awarded Editors’ Choice

With a large screen, multi-week battery life, speech and text translation, and two years of free data around the world, the Pocketalk Plus is the best translator on the market.

Connecting the world one conversation at a time.

At Pocketalk, we believe speaking different languages should never prevent people from building deep relationships with one another. That’s why we built multiple HIPAA and GDPR compliant solutions that help you speak to, or understand anyone, anywhere.

Pocketalk Console

Pocketalk Console allows you to manage a fleet of Pocketalk devices so all employees can deliver superior service to everyone.

Make life for you and your employees easier by controlling a fleet of Pocketalk devices from one place.

Easily manage connectivity, translation history and other essential functions so your devices work properly for every employee.

Pocketalk Console is coming soon! Check back in summer 2022 for launch updates.

Pocketalk Console coming soon.

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